DataFusion - Latest Generation surface acquisition system

DataFusion is a latest generation surface acquisition system enabling high speed telemetry.

The system augments Oliden's outstanding downhole equipment capabilities by using high quality hardware and software to provide easy access to critical drilling and logging data and events. The package includes surface I.S. system, 2 signal pressure transducers, hookload sensor, depth sensor, cabling, junction box and surface software and plotting capabilities: 

1. Modular, simple design.
2. Hardware and software fused together.
3. Better mud pump noise immunity and processing.

Primary Benefits:​​
Secondary Benefits:
  • High tier LWD jobs where depth control is critical.
  • Jobs demanding high speed telemetry.
  • Designed to support LWD on floating rigs.
  • Enhanced noise immunity in electronics system
  • Class 1 Div. 1 sensors throughout.
  • System rated to -40C.

Faster Data:

Modular and simple:

  • Professional - comes with all sensors and equipment to allow a high tier LWD job.
  • Floater - can be easily upgraded at low cost to enable LWD operations from floating rigs.
  • Uses proven methods to improve the signal to noise ratio, allowing higher speed pulser duty cycles downhole without the risk of losing telemetry.
  • When combined with Oliden compression schemes, this propels the Oliden Telemetry system up towards 3 bits per second telemetry rates.

Processing power:


  • The DataFusion software can provide Measured Depth and True Vertical Depth data in log or LAS format as well as Time domain data in log or LAS.
  • The system can WITS data to remote locations.
  • Recorded mode processing capabilities.
  • Data splicing and merging capabiliites.
  • Image display capabilities.
  • Zoned environmental processing.