Latest Generation LWD/MWD equipment

Integrated Hardware and Software.
Floater capable.
​Class 1 Div 1 sensors.
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3 bits per second telemetry rates
Comprehensive drilling mechanics
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20 propagation resisitivity curves
5 Phase Shift @ 2MHz curves
Azimuthal Gamma Ray
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Oliden specializes in the following technologies:

Azimuthal Technologies
Oliden Technology specializes in downhole LWD tools with azimuthal capabilities, covering a broad range of downhole measurement physics such as Azimuthal Gamma Ray, Azimuthal focused laterlog resistvity, and Azimuthal deep reading propagation resistivity.
  • The powerful advantages of azimuthal technology, enables applications such as advanced well placement.

Imaging Technologies
High quality resistivity images provide unparalleled clarify of the downhole geology and structures using 128 sectors and full 360 degree coverage of the wellbore. Images are used in both the near welllbore face as well as at the structucal level.

The powerful advantages of images can be divided between near wellbore applications and larger scale, structural applications:
  • Near Wellbore - Fracture location, orientation, density, can be observed and characterized. Wellbore instability can be seen, as can thin beds.
  • Structural - Formation dips and strikes and faults can be estimated and extrapolated to the structural level allowing Geologic remodelling. Multiple wells with images allow reservoir level modelling of fracture networks, critical for future well planning.  

Deep Reading Resistivity Technologies
Oliden boasts the deepest reading LWD resistivity measurements in the Industry, allowing:
  • Allows for a wireline replacement LWD service
  • Provides the most accurate Rt measurement for an array of curves with similar vertical resolutions.
  • Deep reading (20ft) bed boundary detection provides early detection of lithology and geologic structure changes allowing proactive adjustment of wellbore trajectory. 

Telemetry Technologies
Using proven methods to improve the signal to noise ratio, advanced digital signal processing and enhanced noise immunity in the cabling system, Oliden is able to operate the pulser at a faster duty cycle at deeper depths, this translates directly into higher telemetry data rates, when combined with Olidens compression schemes this springboards the Oliden Telemetry rates towards 3 bits per second when downhole.

Surface Visualization
Downhole LWD data by itself isn't enough.
After transmission to surface using Oliden high speed MWD telemetry, the downhole data is available within the surface acquisition system where it is stored and displayed in the depth domain, and streamed into Oliden proprietary software applications, allowing for superb visualizations that provides:
  • A graphical visualization of subsurface structures in real time.
  • Distance to multiple bed boundaries is shown.
  • Resistivity of distant bed boundaries is shown.