Latest Generation LWD/MWD equipment

TeleFusion - Latest Generation medium speed Telemetry MWD tool

A probe based MWD tool using a reliable pulser to convey mud pulse telemetry at higher transmission rates than other available providers. Coupled with the standard 175C and 25,000 psi specification, the TeleFusion is in a class of its own.

Its state of the art measurement specifications are comparable or exceed those of any other equivalent tool and features the following differentiation: 

1. Up to 3 bits per second mud pulse telemetry.
2. Compatible with Oliden LWD or others' LWD.
3. Reliable Pulser - multiple options available.

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  • Medium speed Telemetry, up to 3 bits per second (bps).
  • Compatible and adaptable BHA designs.
  • Comprehensive integral drilling mechanics measurements.
Primary Benefits:​​
Secondary Benefits:
  • Multiple Pulser options available.
  • Digital Directional package.
  • ​​​Internal pressure bulkheads in each compartment maintain 25,000 psi compliance.

Accurate well placement:

  • Very high accuracy D&I package that is self-contained with all coefficients making modularity much easier than with analogue systems.
  • Continuous D&I measurement provides realtime confidence between survey stations.

Faster Data:

  • Uses proven methods to improve the signal to noise ratio, allowing higher speed pulser duty cycles downhole without the risk of losing telemetry.
  • When combined with Oliden compression schemes, this propels the Oliden Telemetry system up towards 3 bits per second data rates.

Drillers Solution:

  • Integral measurements such as Axial Shock, Lateral Shock and Stick Slip allows proactive mitigation of harmful downhole forces which can damage the BHA components and decrease ROP.

Flexible Solutions:

  • Multiple configuration options exist with the MWD tool, providing flexibility to the BHA designer in sensor placement.
  • TeleFusion has been verified with multiple industry proven pulser designs, ensuring that whatever your need, we have the solution.